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The Annual Fund

Annual Fund

We are thrilled to announce the launch of the St. Francis of Assisi Annual Giving Program! The annual fund will help maintain and improve our commitment to academic excellence by supporting the 3 pillars of St. Francis of Assisi School; Faith, Education, and Community. The St. Francis of Assisi Giving Program, or Francis Fund, will help bridge the gap between the total cost of tuition and the total actual cost to educate a child. Did you know that the current 2021-2022 school year cost to educate a student is $7400, and the cost of tuition is $4900. The difference per student is $2,500! There have been significant impacts to educating a student over the last 18 months that have increased the importance of creating the St. Francis of Assisi Annual Giving program. 100% of the funds raised by the Annual Giving Program will go directly to the school to be used towards expenses supporting critical school initiatives.

In order to donate directly to the Annual Fund, please click here .

If you like to make a gift to the school in the way of stock or end-of-life planning, please contact Fr. Steve Flynn (440-461-0066) or Mrs. Cara Sulzer (440-442-7450).  

What is the Francis Fund? The Francis Fund is an annual giving effort to support the general operating costs of St. Francis of Assisi School. This philanthropic program helps St. Francis bridge the gap between the actual cost to educate each student, and the tuition fee. Supporting the Francis Fund allows our school to build upon our strong foundation and prepare for a stronger future. The Fund allows St. Francis to provide students with top notch teachers, cutting edge technology, and a robust arts program, while expanding their faith. All families are encouraged to participate in the Francis Fund at their comfort level.

What will the Francis Fund be used for? The Francis Fund will be used EXCLUSIVELY for the betterment of our school. The funds will go toward general operating expenses, such as top notch educators, cutting edge technology, building maintenance, and many more.

Why should I give to the Annual Giving Program? At SFA, tuition covers about 66% percent of the cost of educating a student. The difference of roughly $2,500 per child must be raised by other means. This is typical of other comparable Catholic schools. The Annual Fund will provide a source of financial support for making up that difference. Your gift to the Annual Fund provides the margin of excellence at SFA, supporting a wide range of needs across our school.

Why is SFA establishing this Annual Fund now? Many local schools have created an Annual Fund to supplement their financial needs. This provides a tax efficient means of supporting the needs of the school. It also provides a way for non-students (grandparents, alumni, parishioners, etc) to support the future of SFA.

Is my gift tax deductible? Yes! SFA is a 501(c)(3) educational organization. Consult your tax advisor for specific advice.

Is my gift able to be matched by my employer? Possibly! One way you can double, or even triple your gift, is through your company’s matching gift program. Contact your employer to see if this is a benefit they offer. St. Francis of Assisi School has received matching donations from major employers such as Progressive Insurance, Parker-Hannifin, and Sherwin Williams, among others.

How will the funds be allocated? All dollars raised with the Francis Fund will go directly and exclusively to general operating costs for our amazing school. Operating costs per student are currently $2500 more than the cost of tuition. These funds will defray those additional costs.

Is SFA experiencing any financial deterioration or duress? No. This fund is being proactively established to STRENGTHEN our already STRONG foundation, and to ensure that the school's legacy perpetuates for current families, and for future family, friends, and grandchildren

How can I make contributions? We appreciate any and all contributions that you decide to make. Donations can be made out to St. Francis of Assisi School. Similar to tuition, an automatic payment plan can be set up.

Are there opportunities for Planned Giving? Yes! Please reach out to Fr. Steve Flynn or Cara Sulzer to discuss Planned Giving Opportunities at St. Francis of Assisi School.