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Angel Scholarship


The Angel Scholarship Fund is an exciting new opportunity for Catholic Schools in Ohio. It is a Tax Credit Scholarship Program, whereby individuals may receive a 100% tax credit against their Ohio income tax liability for gifts up to $750 ($1,500 for married couples filing jointly). What a wonderful opportunity to support our students at no net cost to donors!

This is the biggest opportunity I’ve seen to make Catholic education available and affordable to our parishioners. There will be a comprehensive marketing plan for our school families, parishioners, and relatives and friends because anyone in Ohio can participate at no cost to them. For right now, look at your taxes and your state tax liability. With a charitable contribution to the Angel Scholarship Fund, you can choose to direct every dollar up to $750, or $1500 if filing jointly, to St. Francis of Assisi School. Yes you can turn taxes into tuition.

For more information about the Angel Scholarship Fund, including an online donation portal, can be found at