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Excellence in academics is the core of our school. Beginning with our youngest preschoolers, we strive to help children love to learn. Our earliest lessons might be about simple ideas, but they include the seeds of larger thoughts. As a faith-based school, we also have a reason for the respect we build with and among our children. As they move from preschool through the primary grades, we work hard to meet individual needs while building lessons that interest and engage our students. This individual care and guidance grows with each child as the academics become more complex in the middle grades, but we find that our students manage the transitions well, knowing they have the care of their teachers and the adults in their lives. By junior high, classes may be challenging, but skills learned early on aid our students to study, explore, and work in teams.

In all levels, integration of subjects through STREAM learning and hands-on project-based lessons helps to continue student engagement and enjoyment of learning. As their success grows, so does their confidence. And if there are bumps in the road, our teachers and remedial staff work hard to find the right tools to help each child. Opportunities for specialized enrichment classes or remedial help also give our students a chance to build their skills at their own level and in their own time. Field trips, speakers, assemblies, and community service all add to this academic rigor to help us provide for well-rounded education of the hearts, souls, and minds of our students.