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School Advisory Committee

The St. Francis of Assisi School Advisory Committee (SAC) is a leadership group that supports the principal and pastor by advising them on some of the planning and decision-making that must be done for the school to fulfill its mission.


For Catholic schools to succeed today, financial, marketing, maintenance, curriculum, legal and other challenges must be met. These require time, talent, and treasure beyond the resources and expertise of the pastor and professional educators. In a spirit of collaboration and support, parents and parishioners bring a variety of abilities, resources, perspectives, and knowledge to help the school succeed and to make faith real in the world. This is the role of the SAC. The SAC members work together to promote the mission and purpose of Catholic education.


The SAC meets monthly, August through June.


The SAC is composed of 9 voting members, liaisons from other school committees, the pastor and principal.


The Committee Members for the 2023-24 School Year

Voting Members:

  1. Mrs. Candice Ensinger
  2. Mr. Paul Flannery
  3. Paly Koehler
  4. Mr. Jamie Lynch
  5. Mrs. Alenda Phillips
  6. Mr. Andrew Reimer
  7. To be determined 
  8. To be determined

Liaison member:  Cara Sulzer

Pastor:  Fr. Steve Flynn

Principal:  Mrs. Susan Herman