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St. Francis of Assisi Experience

Saint Francis of Assisi School is a Christ-centered community dedicated to the development of knowledge, compassion, and acts of service.

Our mission statement reflects all that our school values and strives to achieve. Centered on our faith, we learn about God's world and all that we can do to make it an even better place. While academics are our core, we see our mission as serving the individual students and their God-given gifts and talents. Differentiation is more than a word at St. Francis. We strive every day to reach every child. Toward this goal, we provide specialists in art, music, technology, physical education, enrichment, remedial, and gifted education. Our classroom teachers are fully certified but--even more--the are chosen for their vision in guiding academic, social, and spiritual growth. Beyond our school, we offer our students opportunities to serve others through service education.

Please come and see our school in action. Tours are offered any time. Just call our principal, Susan Herman, at 440-442-7450.

In the meantime, you can click on the link below for "Saint Francis of Assisi at a Glance"